Monthly Archives: June 2008

Charity Shop Bargains


I absolutely love going to charity shops and finding bargains. I don’t think it is me being stingy, I just enjoy recycling/re-using things and the added bonus of helping out a charity is cool too. I spent yesterday cutting things out to sew and this morning sewing some of them. About lunchtime, I decided to walk into the village as I needed a thread colour I don’t have. After getting the thread though, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing the three charity shops in the village. In total, I spent £12.20 but managed to get loads for that money. My poor meshy/eco bag was stretched to maximum! I’ve uploaded pictures of my hoard simply because I was surprised at how little I spent and how much I got!

These items will, naturally be cut up and used in various ways for sewing projects. I especially have the crib sheets in mind for my grandson. I’m sure I can make quite a few things out of those for him. Oh and the scrap of skull fabric (25p) I got to make something for one of my nieces.

So think about visiting charity shops, secondhand shops, consignment shops, etc. in future. Go in and browse while keeping a sharp eye out for things that can be turned into something new & different! It’s loads of fun, saves you money and helps the charities!