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Charity Shop Bargains


I absolutely love going to charity shops and finding bargains. I don’t think it is me being stingy, I just enjoy recycling/re-using things and the added bonus of helping out a charity is cool too. I spent yesterday cutting things out to sew and this morning sewing some of them. About lunchtime, I decided to walk into the village as I needed a thread colour I don’t have. After getting the thread though, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing the three charity shops in the village. In total, I spent £12.20 but managed to get loads for that money. My poor meshy/eco bag was stretched to maximum! I’ve uploaded pictures of my hoard simply because I was surprised at how little I spent and how much I got!

These items will, naturally be cut up and used in various ways for sewing projects. I especially have the crib sheets in mind for my grandson. I’m sure I can make quite a few things out of those for him. Oh and the scrap of skull fabric (25p) I got to make something for one of my nieces.

So think about visiting charity shops, secondhand shops, consignment shops, etc. in future. Go in and browse while keeping a sharp eye out for things that can be turned into something new & different! It’s loads of fun, saves you money and helps the charities!


The Humble Kerchief


I have no idea why but about two weeks ago, the kerchief re-entered my life in the form of a funky flower-powered tye-dye effect batik creation I made using scraps of fabric left over. I had the fabric since last summer – even had it cut to create a pair of baggy type trousers. After I finally made them about a month ago, I haven’t been able to stop sewing! Following the trousers, I got it into my head to create a shoulder bag from the excess cloth (see photo of funky shoulder bag). I was well chuffed with that creation but still had fabric – usable fabric. So I made a kerchief to wear. My hair needs cutting and I figured it would hide bad hair days just as well as my assortment of gardening hats. I found that I really liked wearing it too! Not a lot of head wear looks good on me but I have received several compliments on the kerchief.

So I made another – but this time for my daughter … being sure to pick suitably ‘cool’ fabric that was any combination of black, white or gray. I found a scrap of white fabric with black words printed on it … stuff like ‘girls rule’. I didn’t tell her ahead of time and just left it out to gauge her reaction to it. She came in and said “Oh that’s cool! Is it for you?!” (with that surprise kids often have if they think one of their parents is about to verge into the cool arena). So pleased that she liked it, I confess straight away that I’d made it for her.

Then I made another after finding two scarves going cheap (50p) in a charity shop <I love re-using things!> I found I can make two from each scarf (they are the small square kind). This one is a beige cloth with a slightly fuzzy orange paisley print – not an abundance of them but just a few. I love orange – there is something about it – cheery but not gawdy like red can be and not so sickly as yellow often is.

Anyways, so now I am into wearing the kerchiefs, I just might possibly consider trying to let my hair grow more than 4″ before chopping it off again. Maybe.

Went to the dogs


As part of a football club promotion, we got tickets for free entrance to the dog races this evening. I’d never been to a dog race (been to plenty of horse races though!) and neither had my daughter. She had a good time. Before the racing began, she went through the card and picked one for each race. D placed her bet on the first race … and it won! Return for the £2 bet was £5. So we told her that it was best to stop while sh was ahead. But she enjoyed just watching and seeing if her other predictions had been right or not. To be honest, out of the rest, one won and the rest all came second! We didn’t stay for all the races though because it is a chilly night and the wind is quite vigorous. But for a free night out, it was good fun and if it ever warms up again, we might go back another evening.

btw: If you haven’t figured it out, I’m still trying to get my head around WordPress and Flickr so this is a work in progress!

One Year Down, 2 More To Go!


Finally got my results and I did manage to pass everything 🙂 I have ended the year with a 2:1 or Upper Second. The best thing though is I received my first 1st! And even better, it was for my Anthropology essay 😀 So I am well chuffed about that.

Now I fee like I can enjoy my summer since that monkey’s off my back … at least until October when it starts all over again!

It’s Friday!


My first “official” entry on here. I am slightly annoyed I can’t import entries from My Space but oh well.

Today I should get my exam results for year 1, semester 2. While I am not nervous, I am anxious to get them so it’s one less thing plaguing the back of my mind. This morning, I re-read the notice about how and when to get them and discovered they won’t be posted until after 3pm! Grrrr! Not only is it evil to make us wait weeks the results and prolong the agony by leaving it until late afternoon, I especially think it is cruel to give them out on a Friday. For those who end up with rubbish marks (or worse failures) it will certainly put a damper on their weekend. I am confident that I have passed and hopeful that I got decent marks but nonetheless the waiting is so frustrating!