It’s Friday!


My first “official” entry on here. I am slightly annoyed I can’t import entries from My Space but oh well.

Today I should get my exam results for year 1, semester 2. While I am not nervous, I am anxious to get them so it’s one less thing plaguing the back of my mind. This morning, I re-read the notice about how and when to get them and discovered they won’t be posted until after 3pm! Grrrr! Not only is it evil to make us wait weeks the results and prolong the agony by leaving it until late afternoon, I especially think it is cruel to give them out on a Friday. For those who end up with rubbish marks (or worse failures) it will certainly put a damper on their weekend. I am confident that I have passed and hopeful that I got decent marks but nonetheless the waiting is so frustrating!


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