Went to the dogs


As part of a football club promotion, we got tickets for free entrance to the dog races this evening. I’d never been to a dog race (been to plenty of horse races though!) and neither had my daughter. She had a good time. Before the racing began, she went through the card and picked one for each race. D placed her bet on the first race … and it won! Return for the £2 bet was £5. So we told her that it was best to stop while sh was ahead. But she enjoyed just watching and seeing if her other predictions had been right or not. To be honest, out of the rest, one won and the rest all came second! We didn’t stay for all the races though because it is a chilly night and the wind is quite vigorous. But for a free night out, it was good fun and if it ever warms up again, we might go back another evening.

btw: If you haven’t figured it out, I’m still trying to get my head around WordPress and Flickr so this is a work in progress!

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