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Who Are You Like?


Bessie and Mary
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Introducing Bessie & Mary! They come from a 1924 publication of a nutrition course designed by The Borden Company. They are fine examples of what you should and shouldn’t do.

Publications and what-not from this era may seem so out dated now but they usually speak the truth! The simplicity of the rhyme and drawings gives the impression that life was much easier back then. I know it wasn’t as every period of time has its ups and downs. However things do seem to have been quite cut & dry with very little gray areas. And I find myself wondering what today’s child would make of this. Would they laugh? Would they just ignore it?

It also reminds me of a Little Golden Book I had as a little girl. It was called “The Good Little, Bad Little Girl” and could have easily been based on Bessie & Mary. I loved that book and read it often in my desire to be the good little girl.

Duvet Pajamas!


Duvet Pajamas 1

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Well whenever I can hold my munchkin down long enough, I’ll get some pics of us both in our PJs.

I made these from a duvet cover bought for £1 at a charity shop. The top print was dots and the bottom stripes. I thought it’d be a bit boring to make either dots or stripes so opted to be a bit more original and do a leg of each.

I had a hassle with the commercial patterns I had as one (a McCalls) was extremely long from the waist to crotch and the other (a Simplicity) was ridiculously wide. I wanted PJ’s not clown pants! In the end I altered the Simplicity pattern by taking it in about 3cm down the grainline.

I had to adapt the waistband even though I’d measured because if I had stuck to the directions the bloody crotch would have been down to my knees. I hate to think how the McCalls pattern would have come out! I turned down the waist 3″ to create a double casing and stitched above and below the elastic to create a slight ruffle effect.

Hoovy’s are shorts but also the garment had to be adjusted in the waist to crotch area so I used the same treatment to the waistband to fix this. She absolutely loves hers as much as I love mine.

Using an old duvet cover means the fabric is lovely and soft. Now I just have to make some tops to match as I have loads of the fabric leftover!

Recycled Skirt


Pink Recycled Skirt 2
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I have finally gotten around to adding this blog! This is the skirt I made at a recent Recycle & Sew event in Fareham. The event was great fun and I will post pics as soon as I can. There was a wide variety of people and projects going on and it was very interesting to see what everyone else was getting up to. In the room were large tables set out in a semi-circle for us to work on plus two large tables with the machines (2 normal sewing machines, 2 overlockers and a coverstitch machine) and a huge pile of used clothing and scraps to play with.

Aside from us ladies, two boys who had won a competition at a children’s event were there. I would guess they were about 8 and 11. They were fabulous and so inspiring! One of the assistants helped the elder boy add to his camouflage-style trousers so they fit more comfortably (they were too tight) and the other boy decorated a T-shirt to look like a tux using red sparkly fabrics and other trims. The assistant was most impressive in her dealings with the boys and even got one who was very reluctant to use the sewing machine to have a go on the overlocker!

Another lady re-styled a simple summer dress for her daughter to be Tinkerbell. Others were pattern cutting, one lady brought loads of items to be fitted.

My project was to re-vamp an well loved jersey hooded jacket that buttoned up. I had received it in a bag of clothes through Freecycle and loved the mis-dyed soft pink fabric. It was several sizes too big for me and as I said it was worn out with holes at the pockets edges and along the drawstring casings. So I created a skirt which I still needed to finish the waistband at the end of the day. I feel I could have completed it on the day but kept looking around at everyone else’s work.

All-in-all it was a fun afternoon on a very grey and yucky Saturday. I will definitely to go another event like this and will bring my DD along as well.

Hoovy & Bold – A Beautiful Combination


Cross-Country Warm-Up

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Well this week’s biggest news has to be Hoovy’s competition day at the end of her riding holiday. She looked after Bold all week long and they certainly developed a great bond. They looked good riding around for their warm-up shown in this photo captured on a mobile phone.

The real surprise was when they began their round. I have never ever seen her ride so beautifully. Unfortunately they had a hiccup so only managed 4th place but her posture, confidence, fluidity and focus was amazing to watch.

Later in the showjumping round, they had another hiccup as Bold seemed determined to return to his fellow horse friends before he’d finished but again they rode so smoothly. I even heard other parents commenting on her style and how beautifully she sat.

This has lead us to begin discussions on where to go with her next. Her local stable is no longer what she needs to continue to develop her skills. We know there are many routes she could take but have to discuss it further amongst ourselves, with her and her instructors before making a decision.

This is a little girl who at the age of 3 first sat on on a horse and wanted the adults to let go of the reins and that she wanted to jump! And she was being very serious at the time. Over the past 6 years we have had the pleasure of watching her grow as a rider and her determination to be a very competitive rider is still there. As parents we always had a niggling concern that she would ‘go off’ horses but we are now convinced that she is one of the lucky people who know exactly what they want to do in life at a very early age.

Hoovy’s on a Horsey Holiday!


Well today is the day she has been waiting all year for … the start of her week long residential riding holiday! She is so excited that she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Since school broke up 3 weeks ago, I have managed to keep her distracted by taking her to Apple Summer Camps (2 on the second week and 2 on this week just gone). They were great – 3 hours long, they taught the kids how to use Garage Band to make music, digital cameras and iPhoto to work with images, video cameras and iDVD to make movies and the final one was making a presentation. She enjoyed them so much that while she was still looking forward to her holiday starting, she was more immediately looking forward to attending the camp sessions.

However, since the last one finished on Thursday, she’s been stir crazy. The weather hasn’t helped as it’s been rainy and yucky. With nothing to distract her attention, she has been worrying about every little thing holiday-related. Starting with a full day and a half of “when are you getting my suitcase out” followed by a panic caused by me attending a sewing event yesterday (took me away from the more important task of packing her stuff). By a miracle, even though I was away yesterday, the suitcase is nearly packed, only a few shirts to add. Then we’re off to Tesco’s to stock her up on snacks and away we go!

Btw, D’s skipping today’s fun by going to a football match at Wembley. I’m not bothered because I wasn’t the one who had to leave the house at 7.30am!

Stage 3 of WIP


Stage 3 Close
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Oh we are getting there! I went to the craft store to get a zipper for this skirt and while they didn’t have what I wanted, I did find this fabulous chain! It is black with a rainbow-y sheen to it and totally up my fashionista’s street!

I’d originally thought to sew it on then thought again and decided it wouldn’t like Mimi (my washing machine) so I opted to attach it with safety pins instead. Easy to remove for washing and well cool looking

Stay tuned for the finale coming soon!

Stage 2 of the WIP


Stage 2
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Yes I know this is all being posted on the same day but I have been buys sewing all sorts and haven’t taken the time to post so I am doing it now.

This is the skirt at Stage 2. No longer a simple black (boring) skirt that would be lucky to be worn to school in September, it is becoming something more, something special and something I hope she will love!

I had decided to add a yoke with this funky white fabric I have bits of here and there. I know she likes it because I made her a kerchief with it and she said “cool”. But that wasn’t quite enough, it seemed lacking in the ‘oh, la la’ department.

So I dug out some netting I had. Not just store bought stuff … this is a recycling/reusing project for the most part. At the start of warm weather, we had bought a net curtain thing for our back door. I like to be in the kitchen and have the door open but at night bugs like to be in here too. Well the first one didn’t work to plan as we’d cut it all wrong so bought a different kind for the door and I saved the netting from the first one. After washing it (just in case there was a bug that didn’t manage to get through the gaping holes), I had stuffed it into my fabric stocks.

Upon adding the netting under the yoke it said ‘Voila!’ to me so I stitched it together. It’s a pity the pic’s not better but one day I’ll get a real camera 🙂