Inspirational Pattern for a WIP


The Pattern
Originally uploaded by Psaryce

My darling little 9yo fashionista is very difficult to sew for even though she desperately wants me to make her things. If I am lucky, they get worn once so I don’t often spend the time sewing for her. Cruel but life is too short to make clothes that will spend their lives in a wardrobe wanting to be worn.

So I am not sure why I decided to make her a skirt but I did. So I began my search for a suitable pattern or an idea or something. I find commercial children’s patterns very boring, plain and very often too girly for the likes of my little disco diva. There are probably plenty of very good patterns on the market but for me it is difficult to envision a personalized design masterpiece when you have to look past the horrible drawings and/or fabrics used to illustrate the patterns.

As such it was a surprise to find myself inspired by this pattern my mother had used to make clothes for me when I was that age. As you can see, it isn’t exactly what you would consider an inspiring image!

Nevertheless for some strange reason I found myself searching for the right fabric to make a simple black skirt for my little darling.

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