Duvet Pajamas!


Duvet Pajamas 1

Originally uploaded by Psaryce

Well whenever I can hold my munchkin down long enough, I’ll get some pics of us both in our PJs.

I made these from a duvet cover bought for £1 at a charity shop. The top print was dots and the bottom stripes. I thought it’d be a bit boring to make either dots or stripes so opted to be a bit more original and do a leg of each.

I had a hassle with the commercial patterns I had as one (a McCalls) was extremely long from the waist to crotch and the other (a Simplicity) was ridiculously wide. I wanted PJ’s not clown pants! In the end I altered the Simplicity pattern by taking it in about 3cm down the grainline.

I had to adapt the waistband even though I’d measured because if I had stuck to the directions the bloody crotch would have been down to my knees. I hate to think how the McCalls pattern would have come out! I turned down the waist 3″ to create a double casing and stitched above and below the elastic to create a slight ruffle effect.

Hoovy’s are shorts but also the garment had to be adjusted in the waist to crotch area so I used the same treatment to the waistband to fix this. She absolutely loves hers as much as I love mine.

Using an old duvet cover means the fabric is lovely and soft. Now I just have to make some tops to match as I have loads of the fabric leftover!

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