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Apologies in advance for this being a short blog with no pictures.

6th October. This is the first day of lectures for me this year. As I await the arrival of this momentous day (heehee), I am doing my best to deploy every tactic I can think of to distract my mind from the way I always feel at times like this. Waiting for something to start is not easy to someone who is naturally and relentlessly Impatient (and yes, that is Impatient with a Capital “I”, although there are times when one could and should capitalize the entire word where I am concerned!). I always feel that I am stuck in a state of limbo and this makes me very restless. Restlessness leads on to irritability and a distinct lack of concentration. But I am trying to avoid this whole horrible scenario this time!

“How?” you may ask. Well, to start, I have been cutting out patterns like mad for 2 days now. The thought process behind this is actually logical. In preparation for returning to studies, I want to clear the sewing clutter that has taken over every empty nook in the sitting room. All unneccessary fabric and clothing is to be stuffed up into the loft to await rescue next summer when I will have the time to play with my sewing machine again. But it seems too drastic to stuff it all up there and to be honest I am not 100% convinced that the ceiling wouldn’t collapse.

So I thought I would cut out lots of little projects (bags, etc.) to fill 1 medium sized wicker basket which I will keep out along with machine and the smaller basket that holds all my notions, cutters, etc. That way if I find anytime and am desperate to sew something it is all ready to go.

So at the moment the kitchen has been overtaken with scraps of fabrics, piles of stuff waiting to be cut, patterns, etc. And I still haven’t stuffed anything into that loft as yet! I did recently manage to finish a air of flannel pajama bottoms (the shirt is cut out and awaiting sewing) which I will post a picture of soon – I promise! 😉

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