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Brave Little Hoovy – An Update


Well today, Hoovy braved the doctors again & went to her Fracture Clinic appointment. We set off from home about quarter past 1.oo so as to allow for time to find parking (it’s about a 20 minute drive to hospital and her appointment was for 13.55). Anyways, we turned onto the road the hospital is on at 13.46 and had to stop. Traffic quequed up both ways trying to get into the dinky car park. Whilst I had taken money for parking, it was only in bills & no coins so I couldn’t turn around and park on an adjacent street 😦 We finally managed to inch our way up to the barriers and waitedly somewhat impatiently to get a ticket before parking at 14.13. In the meantime, I got Derek to call the clinic and let them know why we were late. There are two floors to the car park and I opted to try and get one on the ground floor – up one row and down the next then STOP! I spotted one & nearly drove right past it. Of course it was the most awkward place to try and get into but in these situations you just know if you don’t do it then you could be circling around for ages trying to find another empty spot. So with 3 reverses and adjustments, I squeezed past the concrete pillar on the left and just missed the stupidly oversized Lexus on the right (who by the way was nearly on the white line and obviously can’t tell where his arse is because he/she didn’t pull in far enough – and yes, of course, moron had to reverse into his/her spot with the car he/she cannot park properly). Anyways I got my car in there and off we went to the clinic.

We get there and discover we are not the only ones running late, the clinic is too. Cairistiona hates waiting and I’d forgotten to take anything to entertain (bad Mummy!!!). We saw a Nurse Practitioner and found out that not only has she broken her collarbone, she also managed a hairline fracture in her wrist. So she’s trussed up in a sling with a wrist guard (splint) on. She goes back for another check-up in 3 weeks (6th January). But, much to her pleasure has been told she can go to school if she feels up to it – especially as these last few days won’t exactly be hard work. So we have agreed she will go in tomorrow for just the afternoon for the class xmas party and then if that goes well she can go in Thursday and Friday as normal.

In the meantime, she has upped her fruit and vegetable intake and making sure she gets enough calcium as she is determined to get back on a horse asap. This is, naturally, great for her but I am knackered! So much for my well-deserved break – I’m running around like a headless chicken tending to Little Madame’s every need on very little sleep. She fidgets like mad in her sleeps! Last night, she was raising her legs up in the air grumbling “Get off” over and over. I asked what was wrong, she sadi “They’ll only take pictures of legs!”. Naturally I just went back to sleep unable to think of any response to that one!

News Flash! The 6 week countdown begins!


Well, this was not the post I had planned next but life doesn’t always go according to plan!

Cairistiona has now officially become a ‘proper’ rider thanks to first first experience with a horse called Molly. At approximately 11.30 am GMT, Hoovy and Molly jumped a small fence. Then it began … Molly bucked several times and I was just thinking how good she was doing to stay on and slow the thing down when Molly gave another buck and Hoovy flew into the side boards. By the time I got around to the arena’s opening, Molly was running about jumping, bucking and having a great time while poor Hoovy was on the floor, crying (not wailing) and in pain. We moved her indoors (it’s bloody freezing outside this time of year!) and called an ambulance. She was pale, feeling faint and her right shoulder hurt. At the hospital, she was given Ibuprophen and Paracetamol (Tylenol) and had her first ever x-rays of her shoulder and her wrist which by that time was hurting too. In the end, it turned out she had broken her clavicle (collarbone). The doctor even let her see the x-ray showing the break.

Sadly, as I well know having broken mine years ago, there isn’t much they can do for it. They trussed her arm up in a sling and booked an appointment for her to go to the fracture clinic on Tuesday. By that time we were both starving and the medicines had kicked in so she was only in mild discomfort. So we stopped and ate Burger King on the way home.

So 6 weeks until she can ride again – this is like cutting off a normal persons legs to her. Unhappy about that, she is also disappointed that she’d can’t suck her thumb (apparently the left thumb just cannot compare to her right one!). She’s managed to swindle Derek’s half of the bed so he’s relegated to the couch since her own bed requires climbing up a ladder to get into.

Over the next few days it will dawn on her that she also can’t do this and that … such as play on her Wii and Nintendo DS. She can’t write or draw either. For her this is going to get very boring very quickly as she’s such an active little girl!

However, to be honest, we are surprised she hasn’t broken anything before now but somehow I seriously doubt it will put her off horses and riding them!

OMG it’s December!


Well here it is … December already & I haven’t posted anything in eons! As most of you know I began my second year at uni in October so that has sucked up any tiniest spare moment in my days. Although this was anticipated, I still had planned to post something each week. Ah …. good inentions and all that! I have one more essay to write and hand-in by the 11th and then can enjoy Friday the 12th as my last day until next year … Yippee! I am SO looking forward to the holiday break when I can (hopefully) re-energize since I feel very run down at the moment.

Anyways, once I get past the 12th I promise I will write a proper update on everything because there’s been alot going on since I last wrote! In the meantime … I have uploaded one of the essays I have already submitted if any of you are brave enough to read it! Culture, Communication & Cognition

My love to all 🙂