How does your garden grow?



I was just uploading some new photos from my camera and realised just how much my garden has changed in the past few months. I imagine that it hadn’t really dawned on me because:

  1. These things happen gradually so just like having kids, one minute they are quite small/insignificant (not the kids but the plants!) and then the next POOF! they are running about wildly and have more than quadrupled in size.
  2. I have been too busy with other things such as those pesky essays to write, the dissertation proposal, exams, travel plans and arrangements etc. All this has no doubt distracted my mind from the beauties around me.

So… I took these pictures in April when I had just planted potatoes…

Newly Planted Garden


Newly Planted Garden II

And then the other day, I went out and took more pictures …

Grown Garden

And…Grown Garden II

Is that amazing or what?! It really is lovely to sit out on the patio and feel cocooned by plants. Soon the flowers I have planted in the garden and in pots around the patio will be blooming and it will be even more tempting to live out there and never go indoors!

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