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Machine 0 vs. Moi 1


I got another overlocker through Freecycle last night having decided to give it a try instead of continuing the hung for a lower looper for my other one. The kind donor did say it had been given to her but she’d never used it and it had been living in a cupboard for ages.

I got it home and discovered it was filthy! Also someone had ‘borrowed’ the plug. Luckily I had a plug spare so repaired that … spent 2-3 hours cleaning it in detail (cloths, QTips, paint brushes, cleaner, you name it). It was sparkling by the time I finished with it! Then I oiled it generously as the crank didn’t want to turn very well and gave it a new lightbulb.

The needle in it was broken so the next morning (today) I had to find some that fit (sadly my normal machine needles don’t). My first point of call was a friend (June) who has a sewing business (Recycle & Sew) as I thought she would either have some or would know where to get them. My internet searches revealed the machine is American (and ancient) so when I couldn’t get through to June, I began calling around local shops (I’m far too impatient to order online in these situations!) thinking I wouldn’t find them. But to my delight, in the end I did manage to find a place not far away (Eastleigh Sewing Centre – nice people – friendly & helpful).

So I get home with needles and did the struggle to get them into the machine properly – it’s very fiddly and you could do with having multiple, tiny hands for this! The success of fitting them was sadly short lived as the fun of threading it came – Ahhhhhh! There wasn’t an instruction manual but I found one online (Yea!) only it was a PDF of scanned manual and the images weren’t very clear (Boo!) so threading was partially done by guess work. Both of the loopers were tricky and in the end I took one off the machine to clean it to find the hole! So once threaded up, off I went to test it out knowing I’d need to tweak a few bits.

Several hours later … I had discovered it wasn’t picking up the left needle thread so I took that out of the equation … eventually discovered the needle was in wrong way round (the tops are round unlike my normal ones which are flat on the back side so the whole episode of fitting a needle was even more fiddly the second time around) … also found out that I hadn’t threaded the needle threads properly … at one point wanted to chuck the thing against a wall … another envisioned a huge bill to have it serviced … and yet another had me wondering how the nice, friendly lady could give such an instrument of torture to anyone … I even asked friends on Facebook to have the white jacket on stand-by!

But in the end I was victorious! I defeated the filthy little bugger and now it is submissively purring along beautifully 😀 Yeah ME! Okay it took me all day but I didn’t give up, I didn’t give in, I persevered and I kicked its overlocking ass! heehee

The Instrument of Torture

All that is left now is:

A. To think of a suitable name for this minx


B. To figure out what the heck I am going to do with it!!

Suggestions (as always) are welcomed! xo