Thorns Have Roses


Through my recent attempts to make sense of my ever-changing bubble (my own little part of this vast world in which we live), I have been trying to turn things upside-down, sideways, etc to gain a new perspective. A perspective that will make sense to my inner self, my high self, my spiritual self, or whatever else you might like to label that part of one’s being that resides at the deepest core. Whatever it is called, mine have felt out of balance for a while now and I need to redress that because it causes issues with my ability to focus, think, make decisions amongst other day-to-day stuff.

The old adage of a glass being ½ full or ½ empty is so overused it now seems contrite. I am trying to go beyond the surface; to think at a deeper level or at least one that expands upon the obvious. Somewhere in the depth of my mind a vague idea of a quote once heard made it’s presence known once again. It had to do with roses not having thorns but thorns having roses. I like that concept. Obviously I must have really liked it in my past when that information became lodged in my mind – back before it got buried and forgotten. I cannot recollect anything to do with it entering my mind, no notion of when, where or how. I don’t even recall the actual quote – just its essence. But I am happy enough with that. After all, it is the essence that is important, not the precise words.

So what other things can we stop and look at differently? What other perspectives can we explore? It seems such a simple idea, artists consider different perspectives for their work all the time so why shouldn’t we? In some sense I think we do on a basic level without even realising it. We try to identify with others’ points of view, to connect with other people “on their level”. But I am talking about do this on a conscious level. Perhaps this is what it meant by the term “mindfulness”. I don’t know. I just know that I prefer to think in terms of thorns having roses and want to continue to expand that view on life.

Psaryce x 


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