The Images We See



Every day we are exposed to hundreds of images. Most we are not even consciously aware of and that’s a good thing because if we were I think we’d all go insane from the overload of information. It’s kind of like if you were consciously aware of every sound and voice within hearing distance as you walk down a busy high street. Phones ringing, people talking, kids laughing, bags rustling, food wrapper crinkling, drink bottles opening, shoes landing on the pavement, music playing in shops … you get the idea. Imagine January sales on steroids.

Now think about everything your eyes take in during a day. Try to see those things we don’t pay attention to … you know they are there but you have to think really hard to remember them. Okay so how many of those images are commercial advertising? I’d be willing to bet LOADS of them are ads of some sort. I say “some sort” because logos count as adverts … you know the little Apple key or the Windows key sat in front of you right now. Or maybe you’re using a phone to read this. No matter there a logo on it too!On the top of my desk right now there are at least a dozen – more if I flipped a few things over. One of the items (a handbag) doesn’t have a logo just yet but it will tomorrow when I finish making it. Why are we so obsessed with logos and advertising?!

In newspapers, magazines and on the telly, we are not only subjected to advertisements and logos, we are also vulnerable to images that send out messages. Pictures of what society says are the ideals we should all be aiming to achieve. Slender figures for women, muscular bodies for men, what healthy people look like, what kind of house you should have, the ultimate path in life culminating in a family with 2 kids and a dog. We all know these pictures are not based on reality but they implant their messages into our minds nonetheless. And we (subconsciously) compare ourselves to them.

So I sometimes wonder … what if we changed all these visuals? What if we were exposed to much less advertising? What if the messages weren’t about physical or material ideals? What if instead the focus was on something positive we could all benefit from regardless of our financial, physical or domestic standing? What IF the messages encouraged us to be better human beings? Messages such as this one…


Okay I came across this on Facebook (yeah I know another logo just popped into your mind). There are actually a lot of good images being passed around on their. It seems a quite popular thing to do … pass good, positive things onto others. Now I’d like to know… why can’t we make it as popular offline?!

 So … if anybody has any suggestions on how to get a movement going, let me hear them. Even the quirky ones. Because I’m in!

Psaryce x




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