Busy Day?


I haven’t had time to write today. Well until now that is. I can’t think of anything particularly important that got done – just lots and lots of little things. And a few spanners thrown into the works along the way. The first spanner nearly set me off on a downward sprial. I struggled and fought and eventually won the battle. Listening to Tub Thumping by Chumbawamba a few times at max volume didn’t hurt.

But aside from re-washing a load of laundry that I washed yesterday and forgot to get out, I can’t think why I was so busy! I paid my rent, cooked tea and pinned a few bits together to be sewn, and planned a few workshops I’d like to do. At normal speed this would have been breezed through in under an hour. Perhaps that first spanner muddled my mind; made me less able to stay focused.

Still, I cannot see how did it took me all day! And I have yet to do the dishes from tea.


Psaryce x


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