I Wish I Could Miss


Reflecting upon my single life today, the following popped into my head.

I would miss…

  • Warm welcomes home
  • Sweet nothings whispered in my ear
  • Working together as a couple, as a family
  • Being appreciated for all that I do
  • The loving looks
  • Compliments
  • Little surprises
  • Outings together
  • Meeting up with friends

But you cannot miss what you never had so instead …


I will not miss…

  • The cold silence when I walked in the door
  • The indifference
  • Being watched while I cooked, cleaned, etc.
  • Being taken for granted
  • The disgusted looks that were just for me
  • The teasing, insensitive jokes and put-downs
  • All the missed birthdays and special occasions
  • The repeated declines to my suggestions of things to do together
  • A life devoid of friendships and laughter


If you are newly single or still struggling to get over someone, why not try making these lists for yourself? It just might help 🙂

Psaryce x


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