Baby It’s Cold Inside


Over 40 hours without heat and the weather outside has been freezing. These do not combine to motivate me in anyway. With 4 layers on plus 3 pairs of socks, slippers and a hat, moving about and getting things done is cumbersome. Last night I even succumbed to wearing gloves! I’d much rather cuddle up under the duvet and stay warm.

Needless to say I am not one of those people who gets overly energetic when cold. I am the opposite. I shut down and long for hibernation. When I am cold, every movement seems to be oversensitive to the flow of air the actions cause. The end result, I feel colder.

This is the third time I’ve had trouble with the boiler in nearly 5 years. It always happens when it is bitingly cold outside and on a Saturday. As a tenant I am at the mercy of landlords. Don’t get me wrong, my landlords are fantastic but not willing it seems to fork out for a new boiler just yet. I can’t complain though as my rent is very reasonable. It is a balance I guess.

So I sit here in the kitchen with the oven on and its door wide open waiting to get a bit of warmth until they get the boiler fixed. It is frustrating. There is so much I need/want to get done but it is all out there … out in the rest of the house where I wouldn’t be surprised to see icicles forming in the very near future. Brrrr!

Psaryce x


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