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People Are Funny



I was recently hired to write a research proposal. It was to be an initial proposal 7 pages long. Here was the brief I received:

“Initial Research proposal for opportunities for XXX Market in XXX market

7 page Research proposal is needed in the initial phase which will be later taken through for full market research

with references and without plagiarism”

I have x’d out the key words for confidentiality reasons even though no one said I couldn’t talk or write about the project. Oh and it was to be done in 3 days.


So I figured, 3 days, 7 pages, doddle right? Wrong!

Moments after accepting the job, I find out there is NO DATA gathered!

I was furious! I so wished I could reach through the screen and punch they guy. I felt duped, cheated and naive.

Aside from being told it was to be used to pitch for funding, I still have no clue why this person (well the company he works for) is after doing the research. What is the end purpose? Do they make the type of product and want to get into the market in that place? Are they representing someone else who wants to get in? Who exactly are they pitching to? A bank? A private investor? An organization? I am clueless!


This is how I felt!

But, me being me, I did the job. Actually, I did it in 2 days. You might well ask, Why?

  1. I hate going back on my word
  2. I need the money
  3. I am new on the site where I got the job and need positive feedback to get more jobs and (hopefully) much better jobs

So for 2 days I felt like I was back at university. Rushing to gather data, to understand what I collected, to assemble it into some sort of form and then type it up (in my own words) in such a way that would not only be comprehensive but also professional. Only this time I didn’t feel I was getting enough out of all my efforts. I had bid low on the job thinking it came with data and just needed writing up so in the end am being paid a pittance for the work.

I haven’t heard back from the guy yet. It being Friday I probably won’t until Monday. He’d better be delighted with it!

But they say that everything happens for a reason so now the panic and work is done, I am trying to find the positives.

  • I did complete the job – early – despite the short deadline
  • My work cannot be considered shoddy by anyone’s standards
  • I know that I’ve still “got it”!
  • I have learned a valuable lesson – ask lots of questions before accepting anything!
  • I have laughed
  • When I’m in a pinch, my daughter helps out

I laugh at this because what else can I do? Some guy gives such a shit brief on such an important (for him obviously) job and gets lucky by giving the job to me! You just have to laugh at that, right?!

It may not have been the easiest of experiences and might have got my blood pumping and my head aching, but all in all, I’m happy. And that’s what counts!

Psaryce xo