Feeling Stagnant


I’ve recovered from all the merriment I consumed on New Year’s Eve but still have a sore throat and a cough. Those combined with my leg muscle troubles have caused me to feel a bit stuck. I don’t have the energy to get up and do things that I really want to do. It sucks. If I get up and move around, the legs make every move so slow and the cough rears it’ head with a vengeance. Of course that then irritates the sore throat even more.

But I am so bored trying rest and take it easy! I’m one of those type of people that if I sit still, I fall asleep no matter what. That includes: watching telly, reading any book, crochet, knitting and colouring. I don’t even have to feel tired! I just sit on my couch and next thing I know I’ve fallen asleep, stretched out and at least an hour has gone by.

I sometimes wonder if it is the couch’s fault. Is it an secret doorway into Dreamland? Maybe it is possessed by a sleep demon that infects you with a sleep venom. Perhaps I am personally haunting by a Napolapagus ghost that waits until I sit down to strike. I have pondered these explanations and many more because, sadly, I seem to be the only victim. My munchkin can lie about on the thing for hours without so much as a yawn!

Am I alone in this? Or are there others out there that are afflicted by this as well? Please say it’s not just me!

Psaryce x

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