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Self-Therapy Through Art


For the past 2 months, I have been creating with and on paper. It has been a very long time since I last attempted to doing anything arty with paper. It started with me wanting to create a card and I got hooked straight away. I discovered I really enjoy card making – something I always shunned for reasons unknown.

So needing a purpose to my creating, I decided to make Yule and Xmas cards for people in my life including a few neighbours and the post man (he’s been great this year). I found this to be fun and relaxing.


One of my cards

A great new hobby for me to escape from reality in and in the end, I have a tangible item that I can give. I like to give. I think I am sometimes too much of a giver but with cards, it doesn’t matter. People can throw them out and it doesn’t cost me much to make.

I bought a friend’s die cut machine and discovered a whole new exciting and fun way to create even more. I went on an online shopping spree buying lots of stamps, die cut shapes and embossing folders. I went to the local craft store and bought inks and some papers. I did go a bit overboard but have taken the time to forgive myself for that – now I am only lightly kicking myself for the money I spent because I am seeing results within myself the more I express my inner self through art.

I began watching YouTube videos on stamping, embossing and die cutting.  I then stumbled on a channel for The Frugal Crafter and with such a huge number of tutorials, I started to binge on her videos. Not only does she have over 700 videos, they are on various types of crafting, art and different techniques. Watching them, I began to explore more types of mediums and actually created a simple watercolour painting for the first time. Okay it has flaws (a bloom in the sky – let’s call it a cloud; the shadow on the bottom left is the wrong shape) but it doesn’t look like a 3 year old made it – in my eyes at least. Thank you Lindsey for sharing so much!



My First Watercolour!

This lead to me to begin an Art Journal. I have always wanted to explore art but never allowed myself the time. I have been struggling to work through blocks and fears and to just have fun creating. My first journal page used various mixed media and I enjoyed it so much. It flowed and came easily and I loved the finished result. Sorry about the bad photo – it doesn’t really show the colours properly.



Art journal page 1

The second page I did with acrylic paints and I’m not as enamoured with the end result. But I have shown it to a few people and the message I was trying to convey got across so I guess that’s the main point. The pages I created after that were made with watercolour, inks, stamps and writing. I am happier with the end results of those but the important thing is what happens as I begin each page. I am getting braver, exploring more, feeling less fear of making mistakes. I am gaining confidence (something I sorely lack!).

Being human and finding a new hobby, I naturally want everyone to do this. I have that whole “It’s the greatest thing in the world” feeling and think I am boarding on being a pest to those I know who I think could benefit from my new-found outlet. But I try to remind myself that not everything works for everyone. So I decided to blog, thinking that at least more people may hear my message … Try it, it’s great! But I also have a want-to-be authoress in me and really want to make the effort to write more often as it is another form of expression that I love to indulge in.

Hopefully this may have inspired some readers to go and explore their latent hobbies or find new ones. I think hobbies are a key to living a balanced life (even though I kind of get too Gung-Ho and they can take over more of my time then they should). So whether you write, draw, paint, sew, build models, garden or whatever, get back to doing it or challenge yourself to explore more aspects of your hobby, try the harder stuff, let yourself push limits you have set for yourself. In other words, go and grow!

What are your hobbies? How do they help you in life? What would you like to try doing? What is stopping you? I’d love to hear your comments so leave one below!


Psaryce x