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My Saturday


On reflection, I believe my sense of disappointment regarding accomplishments on Friday was not due to a lack of a “To Do” list. Instead, it was down to so many tasks being 1/2 done. Not because I simply didn’t do them, but because it was not possible to finish them on the day. For example, one task was to paint a small pine table I picked up for £3 second hand. I bought it to use for my display at an upcoming fair but it definitely needed sprucing up. The paint takes 16 hours to dry in between coats! I didn’t realise this – thought maybe 4-5 hours drying time. So Saturday I gave it a second coat. It is still a work in progress as I need to flip it upside down and paint the leg ends and underside …

So Saturday morning, I wrote out a “To Do” list to try and give some structure or order to my day. This was before the epiphany regarding unfinished tasks. I first tackled a few of the mundane indoor chores (like hoovering the house top to bottom). My intentions were good.

I gave the table a second coat of paint along with a framed mirror (that I began days ago) and began painting a spice rack. It looks dreadful but is only the first coat of paint. I intend to use it to store my thread spools 🙂

However, as the weather was simply gorgeous, I couldn’t resist the strawberry patch that desperately needs attention. I sat down and began cutting away the dead leaves that should have been seen to ages ago. It was fun. The sun was shining, the air warm and I was lovingly tending to my beautiful plants. After a while, I heard the washing machine finish so decided to take a break and hang the load out. That was when I remembered just how painful getting up from the ground is for me these days. It was excruciating and I frowned wishing I had raised beds or a better body. Not only that but I had hardly made a dint in clearing the patch 😦

I poured a glass of iced tea and sat down (in a chair) for a break. During this down time, I decided to make a pitcher of Pink Lemonade for my daughter knowing she’d be thirsty and hot when she got home. She went out riding that morning.

This lead some how to me making a cake! I made a layered Spice cake with cream cheese frosting. I was having fun. I had music playing, the doors and windows open. I got carried away and decided to decorate it. Using a cookie cutter, I sprinkled coloured sugar crystals into egg shapes then created patterns with some sugar balls I had. It didn’t turn out very professionally but as I was winging the whole thing I figure it was okay.

By that time it was clear that my backache wasn’t going away so no more gardening! I opted instead to snap a few pics of some blossoms that are popping out.

First one of my dwarf apple trees…


And next my dwarf peach tree…

So in the end I pretty much had another Willy-Nilly Wonky Day but at least I could get a sense of accomplishment. Not because of the “To Do” list but because I had remembered that some things take time to finish and to appreciate the journey itself – not just the end result!


Psaryce x


Beautiful or Morbid?


Recently I have developed a desire to have cut flowers on my table. This is not normal for me at all. I have always disliked cut flowers. Oh sure they are delightful to look upon and do “brighten” up a room. Most have a wonderful fragrance that one ocassionally notices as a feint and enchanting message from nature while passing by.

But I have always thought of them as a morbid reminder of the impermanence of life. Initially, they stand there, proud in all their glory, radiant, beautiful, flashing their striking colours, emitting their sweet perfume, bringing joy to those glazing upon them. The onlooker sometimes envious of such perfection, such splendor, conjuring images of a bright blue sky, vivid, lush green grass and the warm rays of the sun glowing down upon their leaves and petals.

Stop for just a moment now and imagine being that flower. Perhaps you are a purple tulip, happy and content with your roots firmly in the fertile earth. Your extended family growing and thriving all around you. What a magnificent moment captured in time. You are gorgeous, stunning, spectacular and divine. A powerful, amazing and so alive.

Pretty or Morbid?

Suddenly you are severed, cut in two, detached from your cool soil. Pain strikes through you as you struggle to comprehend the sensation of a cold blade. Your vital fluid begins to leak out and you try desperately to cling onto it. You are moving but not as you know movement to be, not like when the wind caresses you but harshly. You fall and land upon family members all crying out in pain. The pain is so intense you don’t notice the bruises from the fall. You are not aware of a torn leaf or a lost petal that was ripped off in all the chaos. Others fall on top of you. The scene is more evil than you could ever have imagined. And you know in that moment that you are dying.

The little corpses are gathered together in bunches and arrive in our lives under the guise of bringing happiness. Whether given by loved ones or bought by ourselves, cut flowers are symbolicly cheery, often representations of love.

I, however, have always seen them as victims of human butchery, their fields sights of decimation. They are the casualities of man’s desire to control nature.

So why have I been happily bringing them into my home of late? Because they are pretty.

Psaryce x

Wild about wildflowers!

NB: This post has been made in advance so something happens on my blog while I am away. However, I will do my best while in Israel to post a few blogs of things that I see, do or whatnot.

Last year, I planted wildflower seeds in the small flower bed in the front of the house. A neighbourhood cat (or 2 or 3) unfortunately took to using said flowerbed as a huge litterbox. Aside from having to clean up the poo (yuck!) it also meant that my carefully planned planting got entirely mixed up!

I had ensured the taller flowers were at the back and graduating down to the smaller ones in the front as one would normally do. But as the cat(s) had other ideas, the flowers grew very erratically and the wildflower garden was much more wild than planned.

In April this year as some of the flowers were growing again I had the sense to move the ones I recognized as being tall to the back and everything was going along just fine. They were growing and aside from one tall purple flowering plant being at the front corner beside the path, they were not as badly mixed up as last year. (Although I did have to construct a fence to stop said tall purple flowering plant from falling into the path and getting trampled by careless people).

Why am I blogging this? Because two new species have appeared in the wildflower patch this year 🙂

First is a gorgeous bright orange flower that opens wide like a poppy in the sunshine and closes up at night. I had some warning of these as I had spied them growing and their tubular buds so I had been watching with interest to find out what they would look like as I didn’t know what they would be …

Orange Poppies?

And the next surprise was two different purple bell shaped flowers that literally sprung up without me even noticing they were coming. One day I was coming out of the door to get into the car and there they were!

Purple Surprises

(Notice my wonky homemade fence!)

Dark Purple BellsAren’t these just sweet as can be?!

Light Purple Bells

Now if anyone knows what any of these little darlings are, please let me know as I would love to have more of them!

Last but not least is not new to the garden but rather has grown from a twig I cut about 2.5 years ago and have nurtured along. That twig has grown into a lovely bush and seems very happy living outside my front door…

Bleeding Hearts

So that is it for this little flower show – once the plants I grew from seed this year bloom I will post pictures of them. They include … marigolds, cornflowers, sunflowers, echinacea and sweet sultans.

How does your garden grow?



I was just uploading some new photos from my camera and realised just how much my garden has changed in the past few months. I imagine that it hadn’t really dawned on me because:

  1. These things happen gradually so just like having kids, one minute they are quite small/insignificant (not the kids but the plants!) and then the next POOF! they are running about wildly and have more than quadrupled in size.
  2. I have been too busy with other things such as those pesky essays to write, the dissertation proposal, exams, travel plans and arrangements etc. All this has no doubt distracted my mind from the beauties around me.

So… I took these pictures in April when I had just planted potatoes…

Newly Planted Garden


Newly Planted Garden II

And then the other day, I went out and took more pictures …

Grown Garden

And…Grown Garden II

Is that amazing or what?! It really is lovely to sit out on the patio and feel cocooned by plants. Soon the flowers I have planted in the garden and in pots around the patio will be blooming and it will be even more tempting to live out there and never go indoors!

Peachy-licious & Cool Critters


Spring has sprung and with it life in the garden! After a long cold winter filled with hectic study days, I have finally cracked and re-entered the garden to provide love & care to the plants. Such as …



It has also meant the return of the wildlife that had run away from the wintery weather. Such as this absolutely GORGEOUS Goldfinch (and his mate who turned up with him later in the day).



More plants & animals to come so watch this space 🙂

Buddha Peppers & Garden Update!


Buddha Peppers!
Originally uploaded by Psaryce

I spent part of today in the garden tidying up, weeding, etc. This picture of one of our pepper plants shows just how happy they have been. While not easy to tell by this photo, the plant is loaded with peppers!

Other updates, the first bunch of main potatoes were dug up and although most are small, they were plenty of them! So I’m leaving the other 5 bags for a few more weeks before harvesting. And the apples on our second tree are just about ready for eating. We’ve had a couple from this tree and they are sweet and very juicy – we’re all looking forward to next years crop already!

All Hail The Prince of Orange!


Prince of Orange
Originally uploaded by Psaryce

I bought this little herb as a seedling by post from a Scottish cmpany called Barwinnock Herbs in Ayrshire. In the few months I have been looking after him, he has frown very well. The smell of his leaves when rubbed is a strong citrus scent and I have grown fond of the little darling. And then he flowered!

The unexpected dainty little pink flower was a wonderful surprise and I love it!

Further images of the garden are available on my Flickr page and include our yummy apples, a weird cucumber and sweetcorn in the making!