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My Saturday


On reflection, I believe my sense of disappointment regarding accomplishments on Friday was not due to a lack of a “To Do” list. Instead, it was down to so many tasks being 1/2 done. Not because I simply didn’t do them, but because it was not possible to finish them on the day. For example, one task was to paint a small pine table I picked up for £3 second hand. I bought it to use for my display at an upcoming fair but it definitely needed sprucing up. The paint takes 16 hours to dry in between coats! I didn’t realise this – thought maybe 4-5 hours drying time. So Saturday I gave it a second coat. It is still a work in progress as I need to flip it upside down and paint the leg ends and underside …

So Saturday morning, I wrote out a “To Do” list to try and give some structure or order to my day. This was before the epiphany regarding unfinished tasks. I first tackled a few of the mundane indoor chores (like hoovering the house top to bottom). My intentions were good.

I gave the table a second coat of paint along with a framed mirror (that I began days ago) and began painting a spice rack. It looks dreadful but is only the first coat of paint. I intend to use it to store my thread spools 🙂

However, as the weather was simply gorgeous, I couldn’t resist the strawberry patch that desperately needs attention. I sat down and began cutting away the dead leaves that should have been seen to ages ago. It was fun. The sun was shining, the air warm and I was lovingly tending to my beautiful plants. After a while, I heard the washing machine finish so decided to take a break and hang the load out. That was when I remembered just how painful getting up from the ground is for me these days. It was excruciating and I frowned wishing I had raised beds or a better body. Not only that but I had hardly made a dint in clearing the patch 😦

I poured a glass of iced tea and sat down (in a chair) for a break. During this down time, I decided to make a pitcher of Pink Lemonade for my daughter knowing she’d be thirsty and hot when she got home. She went out riding that morning.

This lead some how to me making a cake! I made a layered Spice cake with cream cheese frosting. I was having fun. I had music playing, the doors and windows open. I got carried away and decided to decorate it. Using a cookie cutter, I sprinkled coloured sugar crystals into egg shapes then created patterns with some sugar balls I had. It didn’t turn out very professionally but as I was winging the whole thing I figure it was okay.

By that time it was clear that my backache wasn’t going away so no more gardening! I opted instead to snap a few pics of some blossoms that are popping out.

First one of my dwarf apple trees…


And next my dwarf peach tree…

So in the end I pretty much had another Willy-Nilly Wonky Day but at least I could get a sense of accomplishment. Not because of the “To Do” list but because I had remembered that some things take time to finish and to appreciate the journey itself – not just the end result!


Psaryce x