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I Love Freecycle!


Yesterday I obtained some bedding via Freecycle. The man originally said 6 dustbin bags. It turned out to be 19 black bags!!! WooHoo!

These are just some of the items!

I have already filled a 50l tub and a 25 l tub with duvet covers!

So I spent all day sorting through and organizing everything into piles. Curtains, sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, blankets, doilies, towels and pillows. It was great fun for me since with each hand grabbing into a black bag pulled out a mystery object. I haven’t, as yet, pulled out the favourites. Well okay with the exception of a pair of lime green silky curtains that have white vine-type flowers on them. The colour is gorgeous and I love the texture.

One thing I love about this lot of goodies is a lot of the items are very retro. There is even a few of those old 70s style bedcovers … the ones that are like a blanket but have the fluffy lines that make a design (okay will add a photo because this description does not work!).

Chocolate coloured bed cover

The colour combinations, patterns and textures of the oldie fabrics are so different from what is available today. Granted some of it I will be quite careful when planning what to use it for because it has that look and feel of being highly flammable. LOL I do often wonder how many people survived the terrifyingly combustible polyesters of the past. Given what we now know of those materials, in theory thousands, if not millions, should have perished in flames. Mind you, I am glad that didn’t happen … it is just in the scaremongering, over-protective society in which we now live, you would think that this sort of polyester is simply as toxic as asbestos.

Funky flowery polyester curtains

Anyways, I still have to find places to put all of these treasures whilst I plan, organise and create like mad. Or at least until the pile dwindles sufficiently enough to justify going on the prowl for more. Oh drats! That reminds me. I am getting a roll of upholstery fabric tomorrow. LOL I am going to be very, very busy 🙂

Psaryce x