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Who Are You Like?


Bessie and Mary
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Introducing Bessie & Mary! They come from a 1924 publication of a nutrition course designed by The Borden Company. They are fine examples of what you should and shouldn’t do.

Publications and what-not from this era may seem so out dated now but they usually speak the truth! The simplicity of the rhyme and drawings gives the impression that life was much easier back then. I know it wasn’t as every period of time has its ups and downs. However things do seem to have been quite cut & dry with very little gray areas. And I find myself wondering what today’s child would make of this. Would they laugh? Would they just ignore it?

It also reminds me of a Little Golden Book I had as a little girl. It was called “The Good Little, Bad Little Girl” and could have easily been based on Bessie & Mary. I loved that book and read it often in my desire to be the good little girl.