Okay I know everywhere you go there are “10 things about me” or  “101 things about this” – I even came across a blog with “8,624 about me” (or close to 8,624 – can’t recall the exact number). So why would I subject anyone to yet another one? Because I can!

Am I evil or what? Yes, I am because there WILL be a pop quiz at some point in the future 😉

  1. My eyes are my least favourite of my own features. One is slightly bigger than the other but that is not all. They both seem, to me, too big for their sockets. This means I always have baggy looking under-eyes. Both of these design flaws mean I hate seeing pictures of myself – especially ones where I am smiling as smiling tends to cause lots of lines 😦
  2. I dislike, no hate, no DESPISE spelling and grammar mistakes in printed texts. This includes books, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, handbooks, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, fliers, posters, junk mail, proper mail, instruction manuals, dictionaries (yes I have found typos in one!), cards (yep, I found a “Happy Birfhday” card once!), newsletters (especially the ones from school!) and any other type of printed text you can think of.
  3. “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley always makes me smile! I absolutely love this song and when I listen to it, I can imagine being in Jamaica with the sun rising, a warm breeze blowing softly against my skin, sand under my feet and between my toes and, of course, those three little birds looking so cute yet wise and singing their sweet songs.
  4. I abominate any and all forms of racism and/or prejudice – no exceptions! I grew up having friends of all colours and from a wide variety of backgrounds and not all of my boyfriends were white or caucasian – I never considered one’s race, skin colour, accent, etc. to be of any importance. I judged people by their words and actions. I was stunned after graduating from high school to find that those friends I had shared years of my life with shunned me because I was not “one of their kind”. Suddenly they put this divide between us and it saddened me. To this day I cannot accept any justification for racism in any form – whether ignorant ‘joking’ comments or full blown racial hatred. I also cannot fathom why anyone would judge a person whom they do not know based on such a silly thing as skin colour.
  5. My intolerance of prejudice extends to all forms including religious, geographical, neighbourhoods, schools, political affiliations, etc. It is no secret that I am not a Christian and there are times when I can find them exasperating (in their constant attempts to convert and refusal to even ponder another point of view). But I live with the belief that somewhere out there is at least one who I could sit down and talk with and not have to worrying about them trying to save my soul. Groups of people are just that – groups of people. They may have similar or “like minds” on many things but they will not agree with each other on everything. So I’d rather reserve my judgments for the individual.
  6. When I was 6 years old, I thought I saw a space ship landing. I was terrified and so convinced aliens were attacking that I slept in a cupboard for the night.
  7. As a child, my sisters teased me for pronouncing each letter of little when I said the word. “lit-tul” – both t’s distinguishable.
  8. My father called me “Maybelle Snickle Fritz” and I have no idea why.
  9. I have never actually been in a proper fight. I detest violence and feel it resolves nothing. In my opinion it only does 2 things: 1. it hurts people and 2. it makes them look stupid. Maybe some people can watch a fight and laugh or jeer the idiots on but I can’t. It is like wars – who actually wins … NO ONE!
  10. I miss being at university – a lot!

Okay so there are 10 to get started with.



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