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The Naked Winter Trees


I was thinking how much I like trees in winter. Actually, I love trees all year round but each season has its own special characteristics. For most of the year, trees have leaves in various growth stages – new, maturing, dying. But not so in winter (okay with the exception of evergreens). So, to me, winter makes trees extra special.

As I gaze out of my window to the trees across the road, I see the dark lines of their braches and limbs sprawled against the blue sky. I find the pattern intriguing with the varying thicknesses of the lines, the different directions and the changes in density where two trees live near one another. This is something that is hidden for much of the year. So rather than bemoan the lack of leaves, I say rejoice in the beauty that lies beneath them!

Another fascination of winter trees for me is the birds. It is only in the bare trees that one can see just how amazing these creatures are. During the rest of the year, the hide within the greenery – ocassionally poking their heads out. But sitting perched upon a tree stripped of its fronds, you can see how they balance in the most precarious looking positions, how they sway with the wind blowing their unstable resting place and how they often look as if they are far too heavy for the branch.

I am aware that some people find the unadorned trees of winter to be bleak, discouraging and dreary. But if you look with an open mind and search for the positives, you just might see what I see … a magnificient elegance that can only be seen for a few shorts month each year. And if you do, relish it, savor it and enjoy it to the full for soon it will be gone as spring arrives and the leaves begin growing anew.


Psaryce x