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Stuff! Too Much Stuff! Help!


So my plan is to clear the clutter from the house in order to clear the mind. On paper (and in my mind) it’s a great plan with lots of possible benefits. In reality there are obstacles I will need to overcome.

The main problem is that having no transport means it will be difficult to get the stuff out of the house. There are things which I would like to donate to charities but I have no way of getting them there. Useful things like clothes and coats that should go to the local clothes bank so those in need can have them. I have a box of stuff that would be useful to the local scrapstore as well (and more could be added to it as well). I don’t want to just throw these things in the rubbish for it to go to a landfill site and add to those mounting hills of stuff.

Yes, some things will be posted to give away for free. But that involves extra work and I only have but so much energy everyday to do things. So only a small number of items will be dealt with this way. I’m not going to photo every item of clothing and post it up as it would take too much time and energy.

There are very few items that can be sold on. Well they could but again it is the hassle of taking photos and posting it for sale then dealing with the whole sale process.And it is a hassle for low priced items. I know some people making money by selling small priced items but the money I’d get just wouldn’t be worth it to me.

If only the weather were better. I could clear out the shed and use that space for holding stuff until I can get transport to take them for donations. But sadly, it’s too wet and cold for that just yet.

So what should I do?  I can’t quite work it out in my mind. I don’t want to pile things up in a spot in the house and have to look at it all the time until I can get another car. I’m at a loss. Can anyone give me some advice please??


Psaryce x

Red Nose Day 2009!


Today, Friday 13th March, is Red Nose Day for Comic Relief! Always fun, always silly and always for good causes. This year’s theme is “Do Something Funny for Money” and has brought the usual paraphenalia in the form of badges, noses, cookbooks, etc. As always, Hoovy’s school got involved and for a minimum donation of £1, the kids and staff could “Dress Funny for Money”.

Cairistiona choose a fabulous ensemble! An outrageous red wig (the cost of which went to Comic Relief) coupled with red face paint, her pajamas and pink ugg boots. The following picture was taken this morning just before she left and I immediately set it as my desktop wallpaper because it is so cheerful!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

RND 2009!

RND 2009!

Charity Shop Bargains


I absolutely love going to charity shops and finding bargains. I don’t think it is me being stingy, I just enjoy recycling/re-using things and the added bonus of helping out a charity is cool too. I spent yesterday cutting things out to sew and this morning sewing some of them. About lunchtime, I decided to walk into the village as I needed a thread colour I don’t have. After getting the thread though, I couldn’t stop myself from browsing the three charity shops in the village. In total, I spent £12.20 but managed to get loads for that money. My poor meshy/eco bag was stretched to maximum! I’ve uploaded pictures of my hoard simply because I was surprised at how little I spent and how much I got!

These items will, naturally be cut up and used in various ways for sewing projects. I especially have the crib sheets in mind for my grandson. I’m sure I can make quite a few things out of those for him. Oh and the scrap of skull fabric (25p) I got to make something for one of my nieces.

So think about visiting charity shops, secondhand shops, consignment shops, etc. in future. Go in and browse while keeping a sharp eye out for things that can be turned into something new & different! It’s loads of fun, saves you money and helps the charities!