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Sew Lucky!


About an hour before my sewing class was due to start, the instructor rang. I initially thought she was checking to see if I was attending as I’d forgotten to post a cheque to her. She began the conversation by saying how disappointed she was. Apparently I was the only one who was going to be there so she felt no choice but to call it off 😦

Grrr! I was thinking as she explained that she couldn’t justify the cost of renting the hall. Then the conversation turned in my favour – she offered private tuition in my own home for the same rate! This sadly means I will have to wait another week as we agreed to meet next Wednesday during the day. But I think the waiting is a very small sacrifice to make all things considered. I imagine that I will get far more out of the private tuition so am very excited about our first session next week. We agreed to continue with the original plan of making a toile for the first lesson and then go from there.

So not every disappointment ends there. Sometimes we are lucky, it turns in our favour and good comes out of bad 🙂