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Stage 3 of WIP


Stage 3 Close
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Oh we are getting there! I went to the craft store to get a zipper for this skirt and while they didn’t have what I wanted, I did find this fabulous chain! It is black with a rainbow-y sheen to it and totally up my fashionista’s street!

I’d originally thought to sew it on then thought again and decided it wouldn’t like Mimi (my washing machine) so I opted to attach it with safety pins instead. Easy to remove for washing and well cool looking

Stay tuned for the finale coming soon!

The Humble Kerchief


I have no idea why but about two weeks ago, the kerchief re-entered my life in the form of a funky flower-powered tye-dye effect batik creation I made using scraps of fabric left over. I had the fabric since last summer – even had it cut to create a pair of baggy type trousers. After I finally made them about a month ago, I haven’t been able to stop sewing! Following the trousers, I got it into my head to create a shoulder bag from the excess cloth (see photo of funky shoulder bag). I was well chuffed with that creation but still had fabric – usable fabric. So I made a kerchief to wear. My hair needs cutting and I figured it would hide bad hair days just as well as my assortment of gardening hats. I found that I really liked wearing it too! Not a lot of head wear looks good on me but I have received several compliments on the kerchief.

So I made another – but this time for my daughter … being sure to pick suitably ‘cool’ fabric that was any combination of black, white or gray. I found a scrap of white fabric with black words printed on it … stuff like ‘girls rule’. I didn’t tell her ahead of time and just left it out to gauge her reaction to it. She came in and said “Oh that’s cool! Is it for you?!” (with that surprise kids often have if they think one of their parents is about to verge into the cool arena). So pleased that she liked it, I confess straight away that I’d made it for her.

Then I made another after finding two scarves going cheap (50p) in a charity shop <I love re-using things!> I found I can make two from each scarf (they are the small square kind). This one is a beige cloth with a slightly fuzzy orange paisley print – not an abundance of them but just a few. I love orange – there is something about it – cheery but not gawdy like red can be and not so sickly as yellow often is.

Anyways, so now I am into wearing the kerchiefs, I just might possibly consider trying to let my hair grow more than 4″ before chopping it off again. Maybe.