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Roxy, Paisley & Muki


So far I have managed to take a few pictures of the 2 dogs and one of the cats here.

Roxy has taken to sleeping on my bed at nights but so far has always ‘thanked’ me for not chucking her out by giving me a wee doggy bat.

Paisley usually just brings me her bowl as I am trying to get to sleep – her way of trying to get some food out of me. She isn’t as cheeky as Roxy so won’t hop up onto the bed.

Muki is a sweetie – she does let me pet her sometimes but she just goes about her own business most of the time.




So there they are – I will keep trying to get a picture of Puki but he is a shy cat. I highly doubt I’ll ever even get to see Uza because he stays in Adam’s room and apparently doesn’t like anyone in the house except for Adam (including the other animals).