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Sewn Away


After spending too much time recently on the computer creating tutorials, writing and tweaking various sites, I just had to take a break from it today. Everything on the screen was starting to blur and I didn’t want to push my eyes too far or I’d start getting headaches.So after the usual daily household routine, I sewed like mad. And do you know what? It felt great!

Each stage of a sewing project is interesting to me. If forced to choose, I’d have to admit that cutting out is my favourite. But there was none of that today. I already had a few things cut and waiting to be stitched up. For me, it never feels right to ignore projects that are ready to construct and start cutting something new. At least I have a very small UFO (UnFinished Objects) pile.

Luckily as soon as I started the machine I was whizzing away with the fairies. The stitches machines make never cease to amaze me. So perfect and unison. I guess I find it fascinating because I am so completely rubbish at hand sewing. Cross stitch I am good with as well as embroidery and tapestry but ask me to stitch a straight seam line and I simply cannot do it.

So I admire the machine as it sews along. I suspect I may have some deep-rooted desire to try to mess it up. I go slow and then super fast. Normally as fast as possible. And do you know that darned machine stills does every single little stitch perfectly. Thank goodness too because I despise unpicking.

To me machines are little miracle inventions. I know the concept is very simple, I understand how all the bits rotate and turn in order for the threads to catch one another. Yet in spite of knowing all the ins and outs, I still find myself astonished by  these little contraptions of creation.


Psaryce x