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Shameless by The Fratellis


I’ve just been listening to The Fratellis while doing a bit of cleaning (music always makes it more tolerable). Anyways, Shameless came on and got me thinking. Well one line in particular … “well it’s a shame or a sham, he’s half as old as I am”.

First, it brought to mind a young gentleman I met while at university. He wasn’t outwardly flirtatious but always made it very clear that he fancied me. I was flattered naturally but also felt a tad uncomfortable. He was attractive and were I younger (much younger and not married) I would have fancied him as well.

The main thing I could never get past was his age. He is the same age as my eldest daughter! And she had already given me a grandson. This just didn’t sit right in my mind. I’m not a major stickler for age normally but that kind of gap just seems wrong.

So then my thoughts began to ponder why other people don’t seem to mind about such a difference in age. I have little knowledge to go on as I’ve never actually known a couple that bridged the generation gap.

I suppose the older one would feel flattered; their ego stroked by being seen as attractive by someone so much younger. But can a relationship really be based on flattery? What other benefits would the older partner possibly gain? Power? Control? A boost to self-esteem?

The younger one’s motives baffle me even more. I cannot think of a single, healthy reason. Is it presumed security? Comfort? Possibly some sort of “child syndrome”? You know the ones psychologists always talk about people looking for a parental figure. I don’t know.

I just don’t get it at all. I find people much older to be a bit boring and those that much younger to be too immature. I cannot imagine being introduced to an older man’s children and they are my age. I can feel my cheeks blushing just thinking about it! And what about being introduced to a younger man’s family … I’d be his parents age!

If anyone can explain it beyond the trite excuse “you can’t help who you fall in love with”, I’d be most welcome!

Oh and that uni guy … he stills gets in touch from time to time just to see if I’ve changed my mind 😉


Psaryce x