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Pincushions 2


Pincushions 2
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Fed up with keeping my pins in a bowl shaped container with lid, I decided to have a go at making my own pincushions. These cube shaped beauties are made from samples I received of upholstery fabrics and stuffing from an old pillow. Thanks to my lack of a decent camera at the moment, you cannot see the colours very well but the stripey one has a deep purple bottom.

The smiley face is thanks to Hoovy. She has decided this one is a hedgehog and enjoys giving him different hair styles … including a few Mohawks.

If I do another one, I think I’ll put a weight in the bottom but still it is far better than those horrible tomato ones!!!

Hoovy’s Custom-made School Shirt!


The Shirt!
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Well here it is! I finally finished the shirt this afternoon- phew. Hoovy was getting concerned it wouldn’t be ready for tomorrow and made a few comments that indicated she’d resigned to wearing it on Thursday instead. She kept a close eye on the progress as I re-attached the sleeves and sewed the buttonholes and buttons on. As I did so, she was comparing my work to that of the pajama shirt she was wearing – making sure I was doing it right!

It started out very well until I got to the sleeves. I asked her about how she wanted the cuffs and she choose pleats over gathers. It was simple enough once I got my head around how exactly to do it so they were symmetrical. The real troubles came when I attached the sleeve to the shirt and we discovered it wasn’t just puffy, not even just poufy … it was a mix of mega puffy/poufy! It reminded me of the old Victorian nightshirts it was so ridiculously wide. So the only way to rectify it was to remove the sleeves (grrr – unpicking white on white late at night can make one cross-eyed!). Then I had to re-seam the sleeve (I had opted for false French seams so a bit of extra work there) but luckily managed to taper to the cuff so I didn’t have to re-do that bit!

Once the thinned out sleeve was attached, the rest was a breeze. 8 buttonholes & buttons, a quick wash in the machine to get rid of tailor’s marks, a bit of time on the washing line to dry and finish off with an iron and it was all done. Much to her joy as I know she secretly wanted to wear it tomorrow and so did I. At least I finished it all before she went to bed. She has it all hung up with her other bits ready for the morning 🙂

Duvet Pajamas!


Duvet Pajamas 1

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Well whenever I can hold my munchkin down long enough, I’ll get some pics of us both in our PJs.

I made these from a duvet cover bought for £1 at a charity shop. The top print was dots and the bottom stripes. I thought it’d be a bit boring to make either dots or stripes so opted to be a bit more original and do a leg of each.

I had a hassle with the commercial patterns I had as one (a McCalls) was extremely long from the waist to crotch and the other (a Simplicity) was ridiculously wide. I wanted PJ’s not clown pants! In the end I altered the Simplicity pattern by taking it in about 3cm down the grainline.

I had to adapt the waistband even though I’d measured because if I had stuck to the directions the bloody crotch would have been down to my knees. I hate to think how the McCalls pattern would have come out! I turned down the waist 3″ to create a double casing and stitched above and below the elastic to create a slight ruffle effect.

Hoovy’s are shorts but also the garment had to be adjusted in the waist to crotch area so I used the same treatment to the waistband to fix this. She absolutely loves hers as much as I love mine.

Using an old duvet cover means the fabric is lovely and soft. Now I just have to make some tops to match as I have loads of the fabric leftover!

Stage 2 of the WIP


Stage 2
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Yes I know this is all being posted on the same day but I have been buys sewing all sorts and haven’t taken the time to post so I am doing it now.

This is the skirt at Stage 2. No longer a simple black (boring) skirt that would be lucky to be worn to school in September, it is becoming something more, something special and something I hope she will love!

I had decided to add a yoke with this funky white fabric I have bits of here and there. I know she likes it because I made her a kerchief with it and she said “cool”. But that wasn’t quite enough, it seemed lacking in the ‘oh, la la’ department.

So I dug out some netting I had. Not just store bought stuff … this is a recycling/reusing project for the most part. At the start of warm weather, we had bought a net curtain thing for our back door. I like to be in the kitchen and have the door open but at night bugs like to be in here too. Well the first one didn’t work to plan as we’d cut it all wrong so bought a different kind for the door and I saved the netting from the first one. After washing it (just in case there was a bug that didn’t manage to get through the gaping holes), I had stuffed it into my fabric stocks.

Upon adding the netting under the yoke it said ‘Voila!’ to me so I stitched it together. It’s a pity the pic’s not better but one day I’ll get a real camera 🙂

Inspirational Pattern for a WIP


The Pattern
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My darling little 9yo fashionista is very difficult to sew for even though she desperately wants me to make her things. If I am lucky, they get worn once so I don’t often spend the time sewing for her. Cruel but life is too short to make clothes that will spend their lives in a wardrobe wanting to be worn.

So I am not sure why I decided to make her a skirt but I did. So I began my search for a suitable pattern or an idea or something. I find commercial children’s patterns very boring, plain and very often too girly for the likes of my little disco diva. There are probably plenty of very good patterns on the market but for me it is difficult to envision a personalized design masterpiece when you have to look past the horrible drawings and/or fabrics used to illustrate the patterns.

As such it was a surprise to find myself inspired by this pattern my mother had used to make clothes for me when I was that age. As you can see, it isn’t exactly what you would consider an inspiring image!

Nevertheless for some strange reason I found myself searching for the right fabric to make a simple black skirt for my little darling.