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Red Nose Day 2009!


Today, Friday 13th March, is Red Nose Day for Comic Relief! Always fun, always silly and always for good causes. This year’s theme is “Do Something Funny for Money” and has brought the usual paraphenalia in the form of badges, noses, cookbooks, etc. As always, Hoovy’s school got involved and for a minimum donation of £1, the kids and staff could “Dress Funny for Money”.

Cairistiona choose a fabulous ensemble! An outrageous red wig (the cost of which went to Comic Relief) coupled with red face paint, her pajamas and pink ugg boots. The following picture was taken this morning just before she left and I immediately set it as my desktop wallpaper because it is so cheerful!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

RND 2009!

RND 2009!