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Ill During The Festive Season


It sucks. And every December I seem to come down with some type of illness. Usually I feel it coming and so have a bit of warning. Not this time. It sideswiped me and knocked me on my ass.

First day was excruciating pain in my back, hips and knees along with cold shivers and a thumping head. I knew I didn’t have a fever. Second day, less pain but still a thumping head and cold shivers. I thought I had a fever this day but daughter checked me and said no.

Today is the third day. I shouldn’t complain as I am feeling a bit better. Still have a sluggish head and slightly dizzy. When I move, I feel my brain is struggling to catch up with the movement – even when I go real slow. Earlier I felt nauseous then discovered my blood glucose was quite high. Injected insulin and hoped it would sort me out. A few hours later and I still don’t feel right. I have to keep checking my blood more than normal because whatever I have is sending them sky-high. I’ve barely eaten anything. I managed 2 crackers and 1/2 a tuna sandwich in 2 days. I’ve been trying to get as much liquid in me as I can but the shivers make it hard. I haven’t fancied coffee for days now :O

I’ve been craving Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, or chicken and stars or chicken and rice. It isn’t sold here. Sigh. Thy are my main Go-To soups when I feel ill (despite the high salt content which I never noticed until I went back home a few months ago).

It’s Xmas time and I should be jolly, energised, bouncing with joy and actively trying to pull off another good year. But I have been in bed most of the last few days. Unable to get up long enough to do much of anything. I tried to work out if it was depression causing all this but for once I don’t think that’s the case. I’m just run down physically which has led to being a bit down mentally (not the other way around). It’s hard to explain how I know the difference but I guess since I try to keep a close monitor of this stuff, I tend to know without much doubt.

Years ago my now estranged husband and I got very ill right before xmas. Neither of us could face any food so we didn’t bother cooking until after Boxing Day. I felt bad as we had a young daughter but luckily she was too young to remember. She was fed, we just didn’t do a whole big festive meal. Besides she was more about the toys that year than anything else. But now it’s just her and me so I feel a sense of responsibility to do it.

My car recently failed it’s MOT so I thought that was it. I’d have to order groceries to be delivered …. Nope! None of the stores had even 1 delivery slot available. So I looked at doing the Click & Collect thing … Nope! No slots available for that either. Luckily after I had moaned on Facebook about not having Xmas dinner due to all this, 2 friends offered to help. One I barely know but she recently had a baby and I just couldn’t accept her offer. She has other children and should be with her family at this time of year. The other is a good friend whom I can’t wait to see so I jumped at her offer. We’ve not seen each other in a while so I am excited to get a chance to see her before xmas day.

I had worried about the rest of my shopping – gifts. But I managed to find some things online with guaranteed delivery before the day. Whoop! So only the stocking to do … hmmm I hope Tesco carry stuff besides chocolate I can stuff in Hoovy’s stocking. I think we are doing them this year!

So all this illness is why I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday and why I am late today. Hopefully I will continue to recover and be able to be more consistent.


Psaryce x