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Hoovy’s on a Horsey Holiday!


Well today is the day she has been waiting all year for … the start of her week long residential riding holiday! She is so excited that she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Since school broke up 3 weeks ago, I have managed to keep her distracted by taking her to Apple Summer Camps (2 on the second week and 2 on this week just gone). They were great – 3 hours long, they taught the kids how to use Garage Band to make music, digital cameras and iPhoto to work with images, video cameras and iDVD to make movies and the final one was making a presentation. She enjoyed them so much that while she was still looking forward to her holiday starting, she was more immediately looking forward to attending the camp sessions.

However, since the last one finished on Thursday, she’s been stir crazy. The weather hasn’t helped as it’s been rainy and yucky. With nothing to distract her attention, she has been worrying about every little thing holiday-related. Starting with a full day and a half of “when are you getting my suitcase out” followed by a panic caused by me attending a sewing event yesterday (took me away from the more important task of packing her stuff). By a miracle, even though I was away yesterday, the suitcase is nearly packed, only a few shirts to add. Then we’re off to Tesco’s to stock her up on snacks and away we go!

Btw, D’s skipping today’s fun by going to a football match at Wembley. I’m not bothered because I wasn’t the one who had to leave the house at 7.30am!