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Laundry Love


Maybe it’s my age but I find that little things are usually better than the big stuff. The stuff that is ordinary in our day-to-day lives. Things that seem insignificant but when you stop to think they are what makes you smile.

Don’t get me wrong. I could go out for a day and have a lovely time doing this or that. It could be very memorable but that’s just it – it will only be a memory. It won’t happen every day. It won’t catch me unawares and make me smile quite the way that some things do.

Fresh laundry is one of those little things for me. I simply love the smell! Whether it’s folding the newly dried items, dressing in the morning, getting a clean towel out or changing the bed linens, I cannot help but smile when the scent hits me. No matter what the weather is doing outside, inside I am transported to a summer’s day full of sunshine and warmth. Perhaps that is why doing the laundry is my least hated household chore.

I can’t explain why. It isn’t just the scent or I’d like doing the dishes more than I do. I’ve tried many dish soaps and my favourite is an orange scented one. I could sit and smell it all day long. It’s fresh, lifting and I truly love it. But it doesn’t inspire me; it doesn’t make the job any easier for me. Not like the smell of laundry does.

It’s strange that – how one scent can do so much and be activating and another, just as loved, isn’t. I never really sat and ponder about this before. Now I am intrigued. I wonder if it is because laundry items are more tactile. I mean we don’t go around sniffing our dishes after all. But laundry items whether it is clothes, towels or linens are all things we can grab hold of, bring them to our face and inhale the aroma. Laundry, when you think about it, is all things that we wrap ourselves in. The clothes we wrap our bodies in, the sheets we snuggle into at night. ¬†You can’t cuddle with the dishes but material items, they can be like little hugs.

Think about what little things make you smile. Stop and take the time to enjoy them. Consider why they make you smile and how they make you feel. Try to find one little thing each day that takes you away for a moment and transports you to another place.


Psaryce xx