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Sewing Fever


Since my last exam I have contracted the sewing bug again. It took all of 2 days before I got my machine out, dusted it off and got busy making things.

First I wanted to make presents for my hosts in Israel as a thank you for agreeing to tolerate me for 4 long weeks. So for the lady of the house I decided to make two Morsbags from some scraps of curtain fabric I got through Freecycle. I found out she likes purple so knew just the right fabric for her! Here is a close-up of the button detailing I hand stitched on …

Button Bag 1

Button Bag 2

As the buttons are also from a Freecycler and the beads from those little ‘repair’ packets you get with clothes (clothes that no longer exist in this house), the only thing I actually bought for this was the thread. Then again I had that in my sewing box from a previous project. Even the tissue paper used to wrap them is re-used! 🙂

Now for the gentleman. A long-term friend I met online about 11-12 years ago. The day I arrive in Israel is his birthday so wanted to make something a bit more special than just a bag. So here’s what I did…

Kippah and Bag

Kippah Detail

It’s a kippah! Well also called kippot and yarmulke. It was actually quite fun to make and I am delighted with the trim. Underneath is a bag I made for him as well. It is made like plastic grocery bags so there is plenty of room for stuff but I made the handles longer so it could be carried on the shoulder.

The fabrics for these are: blue canvas type fabric and a white sheet – both received through Freecycle. The trim and satin bias tape are both left over from a project I did at least a year ago. So once again a lovely eco-friendly, recycled gift I will give with pleasure!

All this does make me wonder though – are we as a society going back t the old ideology that handmake gifts are best?

Tree Curtain Shopper


Tree Curtain Shopper

Originally uploaded by Psaryce

I was in bag-making mode yesterday! Using a pair of curtains kindly donated to me through Freecycle, I made this bag. I created a pattern from an evil plastic grocery store bag (no this is not an original idea I know others do this too!). I hate short handles so made mine a bit longer. You cannot tell from the photo but the fabric is a bit thick and so the bag feels luxuriously sturdy.

I'm a Morsbag!

In addition to this, I also used some of another pair of curtains obtained through Freecycle to create my first Morsbag. Although it is square, when I first held it up, the sides dropped in and created this triangle shape. I liked it so I have pressed it into this shape because it looks more funky than a square!