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Good Friends & Kind Offers


I’m posting much later in the day than normal but for good reason. A friend stopped by after the school run. We chatted about this and that, moaned about people and things wrong with the world and had a fair few laughs in the whole process. About 3 cups of coffee were consumed by each of us and I won’t even think of how many cigarettes we smoked (why do I smoke more while nattering?). Then the time came to get on with our days – both starting with shopping. As I don’t have a car, I asked to get dropped off in the village. Instead I got an invite to tag along at Sainsburys then get dropped off in the village.


Simple gestures can make such a difference to one’s day. I think I have only been to Sainsburys once in nearly a year (well since my car died last March). It was so nice to get out to a shop without the hassle of a long walk and a bus! Despite the store being crowded and reminding me how nice it is to point and click my way through the shopping list, it was still good to be among people.


After blitzing Sainsburys, another kind offer came my way. Would I like to drop my shopping off at home then get taken back to the village? Oh yes please! Not only did this allow me to get rid of the heavy bag (I’d forgotten I wasn’t going straight home), but it also meant I could pick up my shopping trolley thingy. This was extremely helpful since I needed to pick up a few more things that would cause the walk home to be a tad of a struggle (especially since my feeble legs were already aching and starting to wobble).


So I had a good day out. It was a pleasurable change from the norm. Plus I just know that Karma will repay my friend three-fold for the generousity shown to me this day.


Psaryce x


NB: I am immensely glad I got to take my trolly as I found a few bargains at the charity shop – amongst other things, 3 flower pots (@50p each) and 5 more Agatha Christie books in the 10 bin (how did I miss those the other day?!?!)