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Nice Quiet Day? NOT!


So far everyday this week I have had to go out somewhere. So I was looking forward to a nice day at home. A chance to rest my legs and my mind. My mind’s been on overdrive this week so I wanted to put on some chill out music and settle down to an Agatha Christie novel.

At quarter to 9 this morning, a white van pulled up in the car park and soon the 2 men inside were banging away in my next door neighbour’s house. I live in an end of terraced house so it was rather loud. At times the vibrations caused my pictures on the walls to rattle. By 10.30, I’d had enough. My head was thumping and I was angry that my day had been so rudely disrupted.

Then I see that these men had laid all sorts of stuff out on my front garden! I saw red. I couldn’t think straight except to know I HAD to get out of the house asap. I didn’t know what the alternative was but just felt that if I didn’t get away bad things would happen.

So despite the pain in my legs, I hastily grabbed my bag and a jacket then left. I went into the village for over an hour. I browsed the charity shops and got a few groceries. I had calmed down a bit by then so set off for home once more. When I returned, not only had they added to the mess on my lawn, they’d moved their van into my parking space!

I immediately saw red once again.  I am not a pedantic person. If asked I would have agreed to them using my garden. I even tried to tell them that. It was that no one ever asked that upset me. I shouted to one of the guys that they hadn’t asked to use my garden and could they please move their van out of my space. Both men got a hump on and verbally attacked me saying I was being rude. That did it, I let loose. If they thought my first remarks were rude (which they weren’t although slightly said agitatedly), then I’d show them rude. So here I am, one female being admonished by two men when they had been the ones in the wrong.

My neighbour came out and tried to take the blame. One of the men claimed the company was called WBSL**. Neither of them would stop talking. They were pompous and completely disrespectful. When one of the men eventually moved the van, he did it as slowly as possible, it was into another reserved space and he put ½ of it into the grass. The ground is wet at the moment so my garden looks trampled and who knows what the van will have done to someone else’s lawn.

I came inside. I burst into tears. I don’t handle these situations very well. I felt I had been mistreated. Their actions were a lack of respect. And they had the nerve to try and blame me!I want to withdraw. I want nothing to do with any human being (except my daughter of course). I’m glad she’s at school. She wouldn’t understand why I am so upset. She hasn’t had to endure years and years of inconsiderate people. I wish she would never have to. But that isn’t something I can prevent. I just hope that she somehow learns to cope with rude people better than I.

Psaryce x


** I Googled “WBSL” in various ways … nothing! I looked in the Yellow Pages … nothing! I took down the license plate number. I don’t know if it will help me find the company but I want to complain so I will keep trying.