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Nice Quiet Day? NOT!


So far everyday this week I have had to go out somewhere. So I was looking forward to a nice day at home. A chance to rest my legs and my mind. My mind’s been on overdrive this week so I wanted to put on some chill out music and settle down to an Agatha Christie novel.

At quarter to 9 this morning, a white van pulled up in the car park and soon the 2 men inside were banging away in my next door neighbour’s house. I live in an end of terraced house so it was rather loud. At times the vibrations caused my pictures on the walls to rattle. By 10.30, I’d had enough. My head was thumping and I was angry that my day had been so rudely disrupted.

Then I see that these men had laid all sorts of stuff out on my front garden! I saw red. I couldn’t think straight except to know I HAD to get out of the house asap. I didn’t know what the alternative was but just felt that if I didn’t get away bad things would happen.

So despite the pain in my legs, I hastily grabbed my bag and a jacket then left. I went into the village for over an hour. I browsed the charity shops and got a few groceries. I had calmed down a bit by then so set off for home once more. When I returned, not only had they added to the mess on my lawn, they’d moved their van into my parking space!

I immediately saw red once again.  I am not a pedantic person. If asked I would have agreed to them using my garden. I even tried to tell them that. It was that no one ever asked that upset me. I shouted to one of the guys that they hadn’t asked to use my garden and could they please move their van out of my space. Both men got a hump on and verbally attacked me saying I was being rude. That did it, I let loose. If they thought my first remarks were rude (which they weren’t although slightly said agitatedly), then I’d show them rude. So here I am, one female being admonished by two men when they had been the ones in the wrong.

My neighbour came out and tried to take the blame. One of the men claimed the company was called WBSL**. Neither of them would stop talking. They were pompous and completely disrespectful. When one of the men eventually moved the van, he did it as slowly as possible, it was into another reserved space and he put ½ of it into the grass. The ground is wet at the moment so my garden looks trampled and who knows what the van will have done to someone else’s lawn.

I came inside. I burst into tears. I don’t handle these situations very well. I felt I had been mistreated. Their actions were a lack of respect. And they had the nerve to try and blame me!I want to withdraw. I want nothing to do with any human being (except my daughter of course). I’m glad she’s at school. She wouldn’t understand why I am so upset. She hasn’t had to endure years and years of inconsiderate people. I wish she would never have to. But that isn’t something I can prevent. I just hope that she somehow learns to cope with rude people better than I.

Psaryce x


** I Googled “WBSL” in various ways … nothing! I looked in the Yellow Pages … nothing! I took down the license plate number. I don’t know if it will help me find the company but I want to complain so I will keep trying.

Me + Networking = Disaster


In an effort to increase my social circle, gain contacts for my business and get involved in an organization, I went to a social event last night. I arrived somewhat excited as I had been looking forward to going. I left feeling foolish and disappointed in myself.

I’m generally a social person but faced with a large, slightly overcrowded room full of women only was, I admit, daunting. The noise level didn’t help. I signed in and got my name badge then headed over to the raffle table to hand over an apron and a card carrier that I was donating. Whilst I did manage to say a bit about the work (i.e. handcrafted from recycled fabrics), I still felt nervous. And shy! I wheedled my way back through the crowd for a break in the “ladies room” then downstairs to get a drink.

That took ages and when I returned, a few women were trying to speak. From the back of the room it was impossible to hear any of them. So I struck up a conversation with one of the ladies involved in the event who was hanging back in the wings so to speak. She was nice and we discussed future involvement routes. I still felt slightly nervous but talking one-on-one to someone was much better. Easier somehow.

When the speakers finished and the crowd began chatting again, all I could think of was “I have to get out of here!”. I just couldn’t cope with so many people and so much noise. Somewhere inside me there was a fear that a person or people would speak to me and I didn’t like the idea. And so I collected an application, made my excuses and left.

I’m not normally very shy or nervous. Maybe it just wasn’t the right night for me, maybe I wasn’t in the right mood. My daughter had come with me and was lurking about in the shadows. Perhaps I was conscientious of that. Also it was hot in the room and I felt encumbered by my jumper, scarf, bag and the leaflets/magazines I had picked up. The volume in the room didn’t help either. I simply detest having to speak over a crowd to the point I feel I am shouting. In addition, it was late evening and I was tired. I’m not used to being out after my daughter comes home from school – it throws me off a bit.

It would seem all of these factors combined to prohibit me for making the most of the situation. It frustrates me. I know people who would have worked that room and come away with a handful of names and numbers. That’s what I wanted to do!

I suppose there are lessons to be learned, skills to be worked on and experience to be gained. The thing is that despite things not going to my plan, I am glad I went. Perhaps it is the challenge of something new and uncomfortable that attracts me. Whatever, I will be going back next month and to other events in the meantime. I’m not one to give up easily 😉

Psaryce x

Shameless by The Fratellis


I’ve just been listening to The Fratellis while doing a bit of cleaning (music always makes it more tolerable). Anyways, Shameless came on and got me thinking. Well one line in particular … “well it’s a shame or a sham, he’s half as old as I am”.

First, it brought to mind a young gentleman I met while at university. He wasn’t outwardly flirtatious but always made it very clear that he fancied me. I was flattered naturally but also felt a tad uncomfortable. He was attractive and were I younger (much younger and not married) I would have fancied him as well.

The main thing I could never get past was his age. He is the same age as my eldest daughter! And she had already given me a grandson. This just didn’t sit right in my mind. I’m not a major stickler for age normally but that kind of gap just seems wrong.

So then my thoughts began to ponder why other people don’t seem to mind about such a difference in age. I have little knowledge to go on as I’ve never actually known a couple that bridged the generation gap.

I suppose the older one would feel flattered; their ego stroked by being seen as attractive by someone so much younger. But can a relationship really be based on flattery? What other benefits would the older partner possibly gain? Power? Control? A boost to self-esteem?

The younger one’s motives baffle me even more. I cannot think of a single, healthy reason. Is it presumed security? Comfort? Possibly some sort of “child syndrome”? You know the ones psychologists always talk about people looking for a parental figure. I don’t know.

I just don’t get it at all. I find people much older to be a bit boring and those that much younger to be too immature. I cannot imagine being introduced to an older man’s children and they are my age. I can feel my cheeks blushing just thinking about it! And what about being introduced to a younger man’s family … I’d be his parents age!

If anyone can explain it beyond the trite excuse “you can’t help who you fall in love with”, I’d be most welcome!

Oh and that uni guy … he stills gets in touch from time to time just to see if I’ve changed my mind 😉


Psaryce x