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A Lifelong Student


I am a lifelong student. There is so much knowledge out in the world that I would dearly love to gain. I have studied a wide variety of subjects over the years. From Biomedical Science to Social Anthropology, including Yoga Instruction, Sociology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, tarot, essential oils and so much more! I simply love to learn! It satisfies my inquisitive nature, fulfils a desire within me to grow/expand and it nurtures my aspirations to understand the world around me.

So, I have decided to treat myself and just snapped up a deal for an on-line course … Master Herbalist. Many years ago I took a mail order course in Herbalism that focused on using herbs around the house for a variety of things. It was a basic course designed to give a foundational knowledge of the basics. Since then I have continued to dabble in herbalism as and when the need to learn more arose.

This course I have just signed myself up for goes beyond the basics and comes with certifications to boot! Not that I care much about the certifications … I want to learn, absorb and expand my knowledge to another level. I’m so excited and can’t wait to begin!

In addition to my never-ending thirst for knowledge, my love of growing plants combined with my belief in the powers of herbs to heal makes this the perfect course for me. As I study, I can use the plants I already have and start growing new ones with the aim of gaining a deeper understanding of each herb. There’s nothing quite so good as hands-on learning in my opinion. Touching, smelling, tasting and using various herbs alongside the factual learning will be a fantastic holistic experience.

I love to grow my plants from seed. To tuck them gently into their beds of soil and carefully tend to them. Seeing the first little sprout beginning to push through the soil. Nurturing their fragile bodies as they grow into a seedling. Nourishing them as they continue to grow and develop into strong, hardy plants. It is a beautiful experience from the start and I could never tire of the joy I receive from growing plants.

Soon I will begin on this new journey in my life. A final gift to me from the year 2015 as it is coming to it’s end … an exciting adventure for me to take with me into the new year!  I am eager to begin. I am all set to embrace the experience. I am ready to grow, to expand, to learn!


Psaryce x

PS: Before posting this, I got the email giving access to the course and I couldn’t resist starting right away. At a glance it is what I would class as a college level course (not university level) but that won’t stop me reading widely around each module and gaining as much knowledge as I can! Now to go research the history of the use of herbs as medicine 🙂

Days 3 & 4 in Israel


Oops! I am behind in posting! Day 3’s video came out awful and then yesterday I was out most of the day and was so tired I decided to wait before posting to avoid it being in gibberish. On the plus side, I did 2 videos yesterday so bonus!

Day 3

Wednesday (day 3) was a crazy day where plans kept changing. Yoni’s school is apparently in the habit of letting out early so Dan & I had to forego some of our plans to go and collect him. The journey was good though as I got to see orchards and a few kibbutzs’ plus the place where Dan & Esti get LPG for their van. I also saw horses! Here are a few pictures from that day…

LPG Petrol StationThe LPG Petrol Station!

There are ‘normal’ ones too but not with LPG.

KibbutzThis is part of one Kibbutz – it was across the dirt road from the petrol station.

Horses 1Dan took this pic – I’ll go back and get ones closer up. The Palamino on the right was so gorgeous! The mane and tail were shiny and beautiful and made me wish I could see my Hoovy riding it.

Horses 2This is not so good a picture but it is a dark brown horse and her foal. These horses were just around the corner from the LPG station so easy to go back and take more pictures!

Day 4

I spent this day at the Institute where Dan studies. It was an interesting day. First we walked for ages to get to the bus stop. The bus was a small van type but at least had air conditioning. A crazy drive for some distance and we finally got off and walked a fair way up the long drive leading to the institute. We were a bit early so had lunch. Dan went off to class but I opted to stay out and explore the campus. There are masses of Aloe plants growing in the plant beds – they are huge and I would just love to have one at home. There are also gigantic Eucalyptus trees and several flowers that I haven’t seen since living in America. Here are a few pictures of the plants and campus…


Aloe Plants

Palm TreesPalm Trees

Spikey TreeSpikey Tree

Eucalyptus Tree TrunkEucalyptus Tree Trunk

Palm Tree 2Palm Tree

Cactus Tree & FruitCactus Tree and Fruit

Football PitchThe football pitch

AuditoriumThe “Auditorium”

While sitting out across from the auditorium, I was watching a cat (there are lots of cats) and without me seeing in advance, a small kitten hopped up onto my lap! He was just a wee one and soooo cute! So I grabbed my camera and recorded him … PLEASE EXCUSE THE RIDICULOUS AUDIO – I FORGOT THE CAMERA RECORDS SOUND AS WELL AS IMAGES!

All Hail The Prince of Orange!


Prince of Orange
Originally uploaded by Psaryce

I bought this little herb as a seedling by post from a Scottish cmpany called Barwinnock Herbs in Ayrshire. In the few months I have been looking after him, he has frown very well. The smell of his leaves when rubbed is a strong citrus scent and I have grown fond of the little darling. And then he flowered!

The unexpected dainty little pink flower was a wonderful surprise and I love it!

Further images of the garden are available on my Flickr page and include our yummy apples, a weird cucumber and sweetcorn in the making!