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Hormones, Tirades & Allergies


It’s been days since I last wrote. I’m not sure why I haven’t sat down to write before now. Hormones have been raging within me so it’s probably best I’ve been silent.

It appears that my neighbour is currently under the influence of hormones as well. Unlike me, she does not suffer in silence. For the past 3 days, her tirades have increased in volume, frequency and duration. She doesn’t just shout, she screams. It stresses me out. Living next to someone who launches into “psycho” mode is not my idea of pleasant. The outbursts disrupt the vibes in my own home.

Today she began her annual ritual of announcing Spring’s arrival. I have never, ever known anyone sneeze like her. She seems intent on making each one as loud and long as possible. And she never just sneezes the once. No it is always a series of many. With each one, a visual comes into my mind of her trying to expel some demon from her nose. It is not a normal sneeze at all. It is overly dramatic and violent sounding. I doubt I will ever understand it.

So now it is evening. Her husband has gone off to work and her children have come home from school. The sneezing continues and soon the tirades will begin. It will not be a calm and peaceful evening no matter what I do. It’s at times like this, I wish I lived in the country on some large plot of land where neighbours can’t be heard.

Psaryce x