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What A Willy-Nilly Wonky Day


The weather was gorgeous today but I have been stuck inside for most of it as I have so much I need to get done. I’ve had to settle for having all the windows open plus the back door (which is a mere few feet away from my desk/work table).

With so much to do, I didn’t bother making a list. Firstly, it would have taken a fair bit of time and secondly, it would have been depressing to see the end result. So I had a slow start because I couldn’t mentally prioritise. That issue seems to have stayed with me all day sadly.

Once started, I have stayed busy as a beaver – only really stopping to eat a sandwich mid-day. Despite that, as I sit here to take a break, I can barely see that I have made any difference at all. It is not exactly depressing but it does lack any sense of satisfaction for all my efforts.

I am trying to remember what I actually have accomplished in an attempt to prove to myself that I have in fact done things today. That is one of the downsides to not making a list I suppose – not having a record to look at see all those invisible jobs that one has completed. The other downside is that I feel as if I have been chasing my tail all day.

Ever hear the expression “running about like a chicken with its head chopped off”? Well that is how I feel about my day! Yes it is slightly humorous. Still, it doesn’t make me feel I deserve to treat myself to time off tomorrow – which was the plan.

I had intended to get a lot more done by this point in the day in the hopes I could spend time in the garden tomorrow. Although the garden needs “work” doing, I never see it is that – to me garden time is play time. I have been itching for weeks to get out there. Now with the weather being so lovely it is even harder to resist.

Perhaps I’ll get a second wind this evening and can get a bit more done. Maybe I’ll get up tomorrow and whizz through the remaining “indoor” chores in the morning. IF those things happen then I might possibly get some time outside tomorrow afternoon.

Hmm … are you as (un)convinced as I am that will happen? Lol


Psaryce x