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Sew Excited!


Tonight will be my first official sewing class. It feels strange since I have been sewing for over 15 years and have never taken any sort of instruction until now. I am both anxious and nervous at the same time.

The goal for tonight will be to make our own toiles. This seems very scary to me as it is precisely this type of thing I have avoided ever since I began sewing. It brings images to mind of complicated darts, fly zips, cuffs, collars, waistbands, etc. All those things I want to know, want to tackle, want to master but all which require more precision then I usually achieve in my projects. This is why I have always stuck to the simple basics. Elasticated waistbands, shirts without collars and cuffs, dresses without darts, etc.

But now I feel I need to take the next step up, to challenge myself and improve my skills. Why? For my own satisfaction mainly. I want to produce things that don’t always look homemade, things I will proudly declare “I made this!” It is time to stop being a lazy sewer and just getting by and learn the real art of sewing.

Did I mention I cannot wait for tonight’s class? I am so (surprisingly) excited!