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Day 2 in Israel


I woke up later this morning (9.30 Israeli time) – body is still on UK time. There hasn’t been any clouds today so has felt hotter but drinking plenty of water is helping. Today Dan & I took Avraham into the city centre for an appointment. We got there early so had lunch. I had something similar to a kebab in pita bread with humous, tomatoes and cucumbers – yummy! We then meandered around and down to the beach … it was gorgeous!!!

So here’s my stupid video from this morning followed by pictures from the beach … enjoy!

Netanya Beach 1The Beach!

Netanya Beach 2

Me on the Beach 2Me on the Beach 🙂

Day One in Israel!


So I made it here at last! I have the luxury of sleeping under a ceiling fan as well!!! I love sleeping under them – always find it so peaceful 🙂

Okay I made the short video below just a wee bit ago and didn’t even think of checking the state of my hair beforehand so please excuse as it is rather funky. I had a shower before bed and so it is flat and slept on!

Enjoy! Miss everyone already 🙂 Love xo