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Halfway There!


Well semester 2 of year 2 began this week. It didn’t get off to a great start for me as the snow on Monday prevented me from getting to uni – well the snow + the moronic drivers who managed to get themselves stuck and blocked exits from the village.

Anyways, thought some of you might be interested in my schedule and workload for this semester so have uploaded my calendar and a list of my coursework! Have a look – might make YOU feel better 🙂


OMG it’s December!


Well here it is … December already & I haven’t posted anything in eons! As most of you know I began my second year at uni in October so that has sucked up any tiniest spare moment in my days. Although this was anticipated, I still had planned to post something each week. Ah …. good inentions and all that! I have one more essay to write and hand-in by the 11th and then can enjoy Friday the 12th as my last day until next year … Yippee! I am SO looking forward to the holiday break when I can (hopefully) re-energize since I feel very run down at the moment.

Anyways, once I get past the 12th I promise I will write a proper update on everything because there’s been alot going on since I last wrote! In the meantime … I have uploaded one of the essays I have already submitted if any of you are brave enough to read it! Culture, Communication & Cognition

My love to all 🙂

One Year Down, 2 More To Go!


Finally got my results and I did manage to pass everything 🙂 I have ended the year with a 2:1 or Upper Second. The best thing though is I received my first 1st! And even better, it was for my Anthropology essay 😀 So I am well chuffed about that.

Now I fee like I can enjoy my summer since that monkey’s off my back … at least until October when it starts all over again!