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OMG it’s December!


Well here it is … December already & I haven’t posted anything in eons! As most of you know I began my second year at uni in October so that has sucked up any tiniest spare moment in my days. Although this was anticipated, I still had planned to post something each week. Ah …. good inentions and all that! I have one more essay to write and hand-in by the 11th and then can enjoy Friday the 12th as my last day until next year … Yippee! I am SO looking forward to the holiday break when I can (hopefully) re-energize since I feel very run down at the moment.

Anyways, once I get past the 12th I promise I will write a proper update on everything because there’s been alot going on since I last wrote! In the meantime … I have uploaded one of the essays I have already submitted if any of you are brave enough to read it! Culture, Communication & Cognition

My love to all 🙂